An end of an era

This my last thought because I am retiring after the privilege of 25 years ministry in our great town of Horsham. Circumstances will change for me and this season has come to an end. Through the various ups and downs I can certainly testify to God’s faithfulness through it all.

But we are all on the brink of yet another new year (how do they go so quickly?!!) and it’s always a pertinent time to look back over the months and reflect on the inevitable joys and the sorrows. There are things we might regret, could have avoided, omitted to do but also things we can be pleased we did, said or achieved. There will surely have been circumstances beyond our control that challenged us and disappointments and losses that have made our hearts ache.

2018 has almost disappeared and 2019 is within sight. There will be changes for all of us- not least with Brexit! Life is unpredictable. Nothing can be guaranteed to stay the same. But Christians believe and trust in an unchanging and reliable God who alone knows the end from the beginning and what’s going to happen along the way. He is not surprised at anything. ‘I the Lord do not change’ he says. (Malachi 3:6). That’s a great comfort as we all begin a new season in one way or another.

Happy New Year!

Rev Julie Shimizu