Are you on the winning side?

Football. There is a lot of passion, exuberance and excitement for it around at the moment! The World Cup is well under way and there are and will be the inevitable joy for the winners and disappointments for the losing teams. Following the months of hard, careful preparation the manager can only now watch from the side lines and shout. He can’t actually get on the pitch with them and help them . In one sense they are on their own to do their very best but only one team can win. The other will be very disappointed.

Disappointments come, not just for losing football teams, but in all aspects of life for any one of us. How do we cope? Do we nurse our wounds and retreat in misery or do we healthily acknowledge the pain we inevitably feel, take time to work through it and then ‘put on our boots and play again’ making the most of the circumstances in life we are given.

For the Christian in times of both joy and disappointment the ‘Manager’ doesn’t just shout from the side, in Jesus he has joined us on the pitch and continues to encourage us and run with us – if we let him. The great news is that no one gets to lose on God’s team!

Rev Julie Shimizu